Perfectly shaped eyebrows and elongated lashes essentially give your face the natural facelift you’ve been longing for.  Here at Premier Medical Esthetics, we encourage our clients to DARE TO BE YOU!

We are now offering four new spa services:  eyelash extensions, brow lamination, anti-aging facials, and facial and body waxing.  Here’s what you should know about each one:

Eyelash Extensions – Whether you’re in the mood for 1:1 lash extensions (referred to as “classic”) or favor a more dramatic look with up to a 1:4 lash ratio (called “volume” extensions), you’ve come to the right place.  Here at Premier Medical Esthetics, our highly skilled team has mastered the art of applying lash extensions that will make your eyes appear bigger, more voluminous, and naturally enhanced.

Tips for Lash Extensions:

  • Show up to your appointment with a naked face (no eye makeup, mascara or eye creams)
  • Avoid waterproof eye makeup for a week before your appointment. It can leave an invisible film that can keep the lashes from adhering properly.
  • Plan on not letting your eyelashes get wet for 24 hours after your appointment to allow the adhesive to dry completely.
  • Consult with your esthetician as to what skin care and makeup routines to use or avoid
  • Comb your lashes daily using a spoolie (similar to a mascara applicator brush)

Eyebrow Lamination – We’re sure you have heard of the popular microblading trend to achieve show-stopping brows.  But what about eyebrow lamination?  It’s a needle-free alternative that leaves you with fuller, thicker brows.  This eyebrow enhancing technique originated in Russia and is expanding in popularity all over the globe.  In a nutshell, eyebrow lamination consists of taming unruly hairs, setting them in place and applying a keratin-like treatment to stimulate growth and strengthen the brow hairs.  The end result are thick, fluffy, and beauti-FULL brows!

Want to see this brow grooming treatment in action?  Check out a video of this process, and before and after photos of a satisfied Premier Medical Esthetics client here!

Body & Facial Waxing – Waxing is the most common facial and body hair removal process.  Waxing reduces the rate of hair growth when performed in regular intervals (typically every 30 days).  Since waxing pulls the hair out by the root, your body or facial hair grows back softer, finer, and thinner.  Luckily for you, the more you wax, the less amount of hair grows back!

Tips for Body & Facial Waxing:

  • Allow your hair to grow out before waxing. If the hairs are too short, the wax won’t adhere properly to effectively remove the unwanted hair.
  • Avoid taking a shower or bath before a waxing procedure. Soaking softens the hair, resulting in the hair breaking more easily and making waxing less effective.
  • Do not apply lotions or moisturizers to your face and body before a waxing session.

Anti-Aging Facial – Our newest facial utilizes a firming peptide mask that instantly reveals tightened and hydrated skin.  Don’t let the name “anti-aging” fool you into thinking this facial is only geared towards people 40 years old and beyond.  Signs of aging and skin maturity can start popping up in your late twenties to early thirties.  As you age, your skin gets thinner, dryer, and duller looking.  Anti-aging facials can help to restore your skin’s firmness and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

            Basic Steps of an Anti-Aging Facial:

    1. Cleansing of your face with cotton pads, sponges, and a creamy cleanser will be done first.
    2. A skin analysis will be completed to look for various skin conditions, such as dry skin, broken capillaries, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.
    3. Next, an exfoliation process will be applied to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your face.
    4. If needed, unsightly blemishes, such as blackheads or whiteheads, will be extracted.
    5. A gentle facial massage will occur to relax you and stimulate your skin and facial muscles.
    6. Next, a firming peptide mask will be applied to your face.
    7. Once the facial mask is removed, a variety of other facial products may be applied, such as toners, serums, and protective creams.
    8. Lastly, home skincare advice will be given by our skilled estheticians.

Premier Medical Esthetics is here for all of your spa needs!

Premier Medical Esthetics is a medical esthetic laser treatment center and skin care spa in Camp Hill, PA.  We offer a variety of services, including eyebrow lamination, eyelash extensions, anti-aging facials, and body and facial waxing.

Our skilled team of estheticians help keep your skin beautiful and boost your confidence, so you can DARE TO BE YOU!

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