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Your body’s largest organ is your skin.  No matter your age or gender, if you want your skin to look its best and stay healthy, you have to take good care of it.  Healthy, good looking skin begins with a solid skin care routine.  Get facials as part of that routine. Think of a facial as a massage and spa therapy for your face.  Facials leaves your skin cleaner, softer, younger looking, and more relaxed.  When done correctly and routinely, facials help to clear clogged pores, quench parched skin, and remove dead skin cells.

Facials also help to reduce the impact of environmental factors on your skin such as smoking and sun exposure.  Facial massages can also help to reverse the signs of stress by activating your sympathetic nervous system.  This can help to reduce your anxiety level and uplift your overall mood.  When certain pressure points in your face are massaged during a facial, your blood circulation is improved and the result is a glowing, rejuvenated face.  Exfoliation, extraction and detoxification are important aspects of a quality facial.  By removing dead skin cells, safely extracting whiteheads and blackheads, and opening up your pores, estheticians are improving the quality of your skin.

There are many different types of facials to treat various skin concerns and protect your face from harmful elements.

Here at Premier Medical Esthetics, we offer a variety of facial spa services:

  • Vitamin Yes Facial: Vitamin C – Spanish for Vitamin ‘Yes’. Aren’t we punny?!  Is your face feeling dull and tired? Let our Vitamin Yes facial brighten your day, provide a collagen boost, and fight off sources of aging!
  • European Facial: Bonjour! Ciao! Hallo! Though we can’t offer a Romeo and Juliet balcony, or a boat ride down the canals of Amsterdam, our European facial encompasses the senses and skincare passions with a combination of soothing, cooling, and refreshing all wrapped in one facial!
  • S’more Facial: Calling all chocolate fanatics! Seriously, you’ll have a hard time trying not to lick the edges of your lips! This facial includes an enzyme mask that sheds unwanted dead skin cells and a secondary marshmallow whip mask that forces all the needed moisture into that camp fire skin!
  • Summer Lovin’ Facial: ‘Summer Lovin’ – happened so fassssstttt’ – I digress. I think Sandy would have preferred this summer lovin’, to be honest. It’s more of a, laying in a hammock, on a beach in Hawaii, with a pina colada, kind of summer lovin’. This facial includes a papaya & pineapple enzyme mask that whisks away dead skin cells and is followed up with a creamy, hydrating, and relaxing mask.
  • Snow Angel: Picture it, you’re on vacation in the Swiss Alps. You haven’t skied in six years but you’re confident that you definitely won’t face plant on the first slope, and then BOOM, it happens – face to snow contact! Well, Dah Dah Dah DAHHHH, our Snow Angel facial is the less painful way to accomplish the face to snow contact with the addition of a cell detox and repair.

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