RED ALERT!  It’s human nature to get a little red-faced sometimes.  Blushing when you’re embarrassed or appearing a little flushed after exercise is very normal.  But if you’re red-faced all of the time, you may be 1 of the 16 million Americans with rosacea, a chronic condition that causes redness of the skin, especially in the nose, cheeks and forehead areas.  While rosy cheeks are quite lovely at times, some lifestyle and dietary choices can make your already pink cheeks beet red – which isn’t a good look on anyone (except maybe Santa).

There are four different types of rosacea (we won’t bore you with their long scientific names … you’re welcome!), but many people experience symptoms of more than one type.  Most rosacea appears as redness on your cheeks, forehead, nose and overall flushing of the face.  A subtype of rosacea includes red, swollen and pus-filled blemishes, which resemble acne.  The main difference between these two skin conditions is the persistent redness that comes with rosacea and the blackheads that (typically) accompany acne.  More rare subtypes of rosacea can be seen in the eye area, making them appear bloodshot and feel gritty, and also in the nose region as hardened red bumps (mostly only in men … sorry, guys).

Now that it’s summer, you may want to “rosé all day,” but your rosy cheeks won’t be thanking you for that.  If you suffer from rosacea, alcohol (as well as spicy foods and other inflammatory ingredients, such as sugar) can make your skin angry and cause flare-ups.  In fact, rosacea can be triggered by a number of things:  heat (hello summer sun), exercise, caffeine (did someone say Starbucks?!), hot baths/showers/saunas or even stress (#Covid).  While rosacea flare-ups often occur in cycles, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on how to keep it in check all year round.

Good News > Bad News

Bad news:  The cause of rosacea is unknown and there is no cure – we know, major bummer!

Good news:  Rosacea is treatable and very manageable!

Everyone’s rosacea triggers are different.  It’s best to learn which activities and foods cause your face to flare up and avoid them if possible.  Protecting your face from direct sunlight, wearing sunscreen on the regular and limiting your alcohol intake are great starting points.  If your rosacea cannot be controlled by avoiding triggers alone, it may be time for some medical advice.  Topical ointments, special creams and oral medication may be prescribed to help calm your rosacea flare-ups.

Another way to control your rosacea symptoms is to be mindful of what products you’re applying to your face – not all products are created equal!  Makeup and skincare regimens that include alcohol, menthol, witch hazel and certain exfoliating agents can irritate your skin and cause even more flare-ups instead of prevent them.  Certain spa services, like lasers, light treatments and specialized facials can help you manage your rosacea symptoms.

Here at Premier Medical Esthetics, we offer spa services directly geared towards rosacea treatment for our clients in the greater Harrisburg PA region.  We can treat your rosacea symptoms with our IPL laser treatments (intense pulsed light) by targeting the broken blood vessels in your face and diffusing the redness.

An added bonus to our noninvasive laser therapy is the treatment of any wrinkles, facial veins or sun damage (#Winning).  Our Chocolate & Champagne facial can also benefit our clients with rosacea by breaking down built-up proteins and using an oxygen mask to vaso-constrict and brighten your skin, all while helping to prevent acne.  We could all CHEERS to those results!

WANTED:  Rosacea Treatment Center Near Me!

Don’t be embarrassed of your “rosy life” while dealing with rosacea symptoms and shy away from your summer plans.  To minimize flare-ups this summer, try making small lifestyle and dietary changes, so you don’t miss out on all the fun:

  • Stay cooler and less flushed by exercising in the early AM or later in the PM
  • Limit the number of spicy tacos and margaritas if your rosacea flares up
  • Spritz your face with cool water while working out
  • Lather up on sunscreen and rock a wide-brimmed sunhat
  • Steer clear of hot cups of joe – the heat & caffeine are a recipe for disaster!
  • Take deep breaths and channel your inner-Zen to minimize stress

Premier Medical Esthetics, located in Camp Hill PA and serving clients throughout the greater Harrisburg region, is dedicated to helping you DARE YOU TO BE YOU!

Contact us at (717) 769-1937 so we can prove to you that living the rosy life is manageable with our rosacea treatment options.