Many people have heard the saying “smooth as a baby’s bottom.”  But have you ever heard that phrase used to describe someone’s face?  People who have experience with dermaplaning, a method of exfoliating your face, may describe their silky-smooth face with such an expression.   If you are not familiar with dermaplaning, continue reading to learn more about this non-invasive manual exfoliation procedure to remove dead skin cells and reveal beautiful, glowing skin.

What is dermaplaning? 

This method of exfoliation gently scrapes off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells and vellus hair (more commonly referred to as “peach fuzz”) from your face using a 10-gauge scalpel.  This may sound like a scary procedure, but it’s perfectly safe when you’re in good hands.  Here at Premier Medical Esthetics, our trained estheticians will take great care of you.

Why should I consider this spa service?   

By removing the top layer of dead skin from your face, a smoother, healthier and brighter complexion can be revealed.  When dead skin builds up on your face, it can cause acne breakouts, dullness, and even wrinkles.  Such buildup can prevent the expensive facial serums and creams that you apply to your face from even penetrating your skin and working their magic. 

What are the benefits to dermaplaning?   

Following a dermaplaning procedure, you’ll immediately notice a brightening effect and glow-up to your overall complexion.  With the absence of dead skin build up and peach fuzz on your face, you will be able to flawlessly apply creams, anti-aging serums, and make-up.  Your face will feel baby-smooth and radiate freshness after dermaplaning!

Are there any side effects to this procedure?   

When done by a professional, dermaplaning is not dangerous or painful.  However, it can leave your skin more sensitive and prone to burning due to the removal of the top layer of skin cells.  It is important to apply both moisturizer and sunscreen to your face to hydrate, protect, and reduce the risk of irritating your skin when exposed to the sun.  Also, be mindful of getting this procedure done if you have acne or an active breakout.  The dermaplaning process could spread unwanted bacteria around your face. 

How often should I get this done?   

Typically, most clients get dermaplaning performed once a month.  However, it is safe to have dermaplaning done as little as every two weeks, depending on the rate of your hair growth.  Have no fear though – your facial hair will not grow in darker or courser than before treatment!  Your peach fuzz may feel different because it was cut straight across, but it will grow at the same speed as before.

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