In 2018, nearly 16 million people underwent minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures in the United States alone.  Almost 50% of those procedures were BOTOX®, scientifically referred to as “Botulinum Toxin Type A,” injections.  You may be thinking personal vanity was the main purpose behind such procedures, but BOTOX® is more than just a “cosmetic” procedure nowadays.

So, if it’s not just about the looks, what’s it for?

BOTOX® can be used for more than just smoothing out wrinkles on foreheads and erasing crow’s feet around eyes.  While very effective at relaxing facial muscles that can show unsightly wrinkles, BOTOX® has many other important therapeutic uses that often don’t get talked about enough. Let’s see what those are!

BOTOX® Goes Beyond Beauty

  1. Wrinkles – To temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe lines and wrinkles on your face, consider getting BOTOX® injections to relax the muscles that cause movement. Keep your skin beautiful and wrinkle-free with the help of Premier Medical Esthetics! Because why not look as young as you feel?
  2. Migraines – Debilitating headaches and migraines can leave you in a state of disarray. By injecting a small amount of BOTOX® into areas where headache pain is experienced, such as the forehead, hairline, neck, shoulders, base of your skull and any other area where you hold tension, the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks can be reduced. Because you deserve to have relief from the daily pain!
  3. Twitching Eyelids – Involuntary eye muscle movement (AKA twitching of your eyelids) can not only be annoying, but is also uncomfortable and embarrassing. Take control of your eye muscle spasms by getting BOTOX® injections carefully administered by our team of professionals. Because you want to feel comfortable in your own skin!

  4. Lip Flips – This quick procedure allows the upper part of your lip to relax and flip up and out, creating the appearance of fuller lips. Because you want to smile when you look in the mirror!

Premier Medical Esthetics – Your Harrisburg & Camp Hill BOTOX® Center

It may surprise you that BOTOX® is for more than just cosmetic vanities like erasing crow’s feet and filling in unsightly wrinkles.  FDA approved for eleven therapeutic indications, BOTOX® is even proven to be effective in providing migraine relief, better bladder control and easing excessive sweating.

If you find yourself searching for “Botox near me,” Premier Medical Esthetics has got you covered.  Not only do we offer a variety of skin spa services to keep your skin looking beautiful all year long, we also offer BOTOX® treatments for a variety of therapeutic uses.

Don’t allow severe headaches, back pain or incontinence come in the way of work or family time – schedule your BOTOX® treatment today. Don’t apologize for wanting to be the best version of yourself! Don’t hold back!

We are located in Camp Hill, PA (near Harrisburg, PA) and look forward to helping you DARE TO BE YOU.

Contact us today at (717) 769-1937 to book an appointment and to learn more about our BOTOX® services.